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Address: 61 Portland St. Yarmouth, Maine 04096 · Get Direction

Phone: (207) 846-3385

Email: bbohr@maine.rr.com

Founded: 1986 

Overview:  I have been making knives, one at a time, in my shop in Yarmouth, Maine since 1986. 

 I use 440C stainless steel, hardened to 58-60 Rockwell. Since these are Maine-made, I strive to use only wood grown in the State (walnut burl, cherry burl, elm, etc.). On request, I use more exotic woods; tulip, rosewood, african blackwood. 

Mission: To make, plain, (no-frills, or fancy engraving), quality, collectable knives reflecting the straight up-front Maine character. I can etch initals or short names into the blade if desired.



Making a knife for someone is one of the most personal crafts. The knife was one of man's first tools and has not changed that much in form since he emerged from his cave and found something that couldn't be made smaller with his bare hands or teeth. No matter how fancy or ornate it is made, it is simply a piece of hard material pounded or ground to a sharp edge and fastenend to a handle. Simple; but owning a knife made especially for you is special, and very personal, as you will see in my Testimonials on Page 3.

My knives are made one at a time in a barn shop in the coastal village of Yarmouth, Maine. There it is in the photo below.

I will craft your individual knife with any available hardwood you choose. Some customers have supplied their own wood from a favorite tree or on occasion, a historically significant tree.

I have made more than 900, selling in 40 states, including Alaska and Hawaii, Canada, Germany, Scotland, England (including one in Harrods), Belgium, Saudi Arabia and Japan.

I grind, beginning with annealed 440C stainless steel, bringing the blade to an almost finished state and then send it out for professional heat treating, hardened to 58-60C Rockwell.

I silver solder a brass hilt to the blade and epoxy the blade and brass butt cap into the handle material and hand finish, rubbing in two coats of lineseed oil. Each handle is carefully "sculpted" to blend into its individual blade.

I etch my logo and customer's initials (or short name) into the blade using the Lectroetch system, a process that uses an electrical charge, electrolyte and a stencil. I can etch a company logo if desired.

The knife is then ready for sharpening. I create a "feather edge" on a 400 grit belt and then move to  Japanese water stones for the final edge.

My sheaths are pouch-style, wetted and hand formed to each knife. My unique design has a "belt strap" sewn diagonally across the back of the sheath so that it can be worn as a cross draw, riding across the front of the hip or in the regular way.




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