Skip Orem Collection

This design is named in honor of my friend and mentor, Commander Charles A. Orem, USN Ret. who was with me from the beginning.

“Skip”, as he was more commonly known, died in an accident while vacationing with his wife in the Caribbean.

We were in the process of planning and developing a marketing strategy for these new models when Skip’s life tragically ended.

I am honored to dedicate this line to his memory, so that in years to come, as my knives are handed down from generation to generation, Skip Orem will continue to be remembered as a vital part of their development.

Skip Orem Collection - Classic


Sandvik Swedish stainless steel heat treated 58-60 rockwell

14 karat gold braid insert

5" overall

Includes leather sheath w/clip

$585.00 Knife length: 5" overall

Sandvik stainles steel heat treated 58-60 Rockwell

Gold Inlay: 14 karat gold braid


You can personalize by providing me with material of your choosing.

Contact me by phone or email. I may not always be around to answer the phone, so email might be better, to discuss what material you want 

Top grain leather sheath provided.

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Skip Orem Collection - Equestrian Model

This model inspired when I had hair clipped from my horse’s tail and braided and inserted into the top of the blade.

Send me a piece at least 12” long and 3/8” thick from your horse.

Knife Length: 5”, made from imported Swedish Sandvick stainless steel hardened to 58-60 Rockwell

A slate stand is provided with your horse’s name etched.

Top grain leather sheath is provided.

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