I am elated, to say the least - your craftsmanship is beyond reproach, something I shall treasure for many years... once again I must express my gratitude for your superb work, and assure you it will be the pride of this year’s camp - along with the 12 pointer I intend to bag.
— J.D. Missoula, Montana.

I think you are mistaken to call the results of your craftsmanship “knives”; they are, in fact, works of art...the graceful curves of blade and handle, the texture of the wood and the beauty of balance made me want to reach out and handle one.

I have a very special reason to ask you to consider making a “knife” for me to give to a man who will use, appreciate and cherish one.

Three weeks ago my mother died, very peacefully, in Pennsylvania. for some years she has been under the care of a physician who was as much a friend as doctor. I owe him much for the peace of mind he afforded me since I live too far away to be of frequent help. Very hard to think of anything to give him as a sign of what his kind and personal care means to me. When I saw one of your knives I knew instantly what the answer was: a Bruce Bohrmann knife.
— R.G.D, MD, Bangor, Maine

I spend as much time as I can every summer in Maine. I would like one of your knives for three reasons:

1 - I appreciate hand made and quality items whether they be knives, guns or cars.

2 - It is meaningful to me that you are located in Maine. Every time I use it, I will think of the many good times I have had in the great state.

3 - I am not a collector. This knife will be the one I use on big game hunting trips. J.M., Wynnewood, Penn.

All those who received your knives are overwhelmed by the quality and craftmanship.
— P.B. Ontario, Canada

I want to tell you how much I appreciate the thoughtfulness of your telephone call last week about making one of your splendid knives for ________.

I might say I think the sheath on the belt at the natural level and angle for easy access is something like Columbus discovering the new world: it’s perfectly obvious, but nobody thought of it before.
— J.B. Whitehorse, Montana

The knife you made is about the prettiest thing I have seen anywhere, of any sort, for a long long time. I can only say it melts into the hand. Impossible to hold it the wrong way, or uncomfortably — can’t be done. And not just for looks: it has an edge on it. Naturally, having handled lots of knives in the past, I had to test it by drawing it very lightly across the back of my hand....expect I’ll be able to remove the Band Aid in a few days.
— W.G Dobbs Ferry, New York